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Sarah Fischer Interview
Get to Know Us
She’s serious about food safety, ensuring that every dish, every baked good she creates meets strict safety standards. And she’s also serious when it comes to throwing a great party, where amazing appetizers and signature cocktails meet.
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Chimichurri Combo
Trending Up
Plant-based “meat” alternatives have gone mainstream. Just look in the supermarket or check the menu at your favorite fast-food restaurant. Research from nutrition company Kerry (November 2021) found that 61% of consumers consider plants a preferred source of protein, over animal-based, according to The Beet, an online source devoted to plant-based information.
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Choc Croissants
Science Inside
MGP food scientists answer your questions about applications issues. Here, Food Technology Manager Sarah Fischer discusses working with sheeted dough. Question: Help! My sheeted dough continues to spring back. Do you have a solution?
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Tanya Jeradechachai
Inside the Industry
She may stay away from the kitchen at home, but her passion for cereal chemistry and food science is part of a serious recipe for R&D at MGP. Meet Tanya Jeradechachai.
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Snack Crackers
Products Squared
The pandemic found many Americans working from home, with easy access to the kitchen and baked goods and snacks. Snack sales increased by double-digits in some categories during 2020 as people treated themselves and ate to relieve stress. While sales since have slowed, food companies predict ample opportunity for snacks in the ‘better-for-you’ category.
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Flat Tacos
Food Matters
It’s not surprising that the pandemic caused people to take stock of their health. But COVID-19 also heightened awareness about the Earth’s health. A survey released in spring 2021 by MasterCard found that 58% of adults across 24 countries were more mindful of their impact on the environment, and 85% said they were willing to take personal action to combat environmental and sustainability challenges in 2021.
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Cinnamon rolls and croissants
Products Squared
“Perfect circumstances” for baking are a notion best left to literary fiction. In commercial bakeries, it’s likely a baker will encounter functional challenges with dough-based systems. A common issue is lack of extensibility in sheeted doughs, which are used to create popular items like croissants, tortillas and pizza crust.
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