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95% Wheat Whiskey

Sweet, creamy, with vanilla notes and a hint of wood. Sweet finish fades to slight barrel notes and vanilla.

95% Rye Whiskey

Caramel and vanilla forward notes fade to a complex spice and smoky body.  The rye spice in the body carries into a long finish.

51% Rye Whiskey

Bold and spicy finish. As it ages, this whiskey displays the dominant notes of caramel, vanilla, and fruit associated with corn. 

Malt Whiskey (100% Barley Malt)

Bold malt and fruit flavors dominate the forward and body notes of the flavor profile.  Slight hints of smoke, chocolate, and oak develop at the end of the body and fade into the heavily malted finish.

Light Whiskey (99% Corn)

Heavy chocolate and cream notes complement those from the used barrels, leading to slight fruit notes in the body. A sweet finish fades to mellow notes from the barrel.

Corn Whiskey (15% Rye)

Fruit, grain and hints of oak give way to slight notes of rye in the body and finish.