Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of MGP Ingredients, Inc., is comprised of nine highly experienced individuals who have dedicated themselves to the Company’s success. Elected by stockholders on an annual basis, Board members are responsible for providing oversight of the Company’s business management and affairs. Directors are required to act in the best interest of the company and its stockholders. The Board has been and remains actively engaged in fulfilling these duties.

The Board Chairman is a non-management, independent Board member. Each Director, as well as all officers and employees, must comply with the Company’s Code of Conduct, which is posted in the Investor section of this website under Corporate Governance. Directors regularly attend meetings of the Board and the committees of which they are members. These committees regularly conduct executive sessions without management present.

Annually, the Board’s Human Resources and Compensation Committee reviews succession planning. The review includes discussion of the principles for determining the succession of the Chief Executive Officer and other members of the Company’s senior executive team. Furthermore, Directors annually evaluate the performance of the Board and assess the skills of each member.

MGP Ingredients and its stockholders continue to benefit from an active and experienced Audit Committee, which provides oversight for the Company’s financial reporting, internal controls and the external audit. In addition, each committee annually evaluates its charter, responsibilities and performance in light of regulatory requirements and best practices.